MACS Monitoring
MACS Monitoring

Model MAC 3-80

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The MACS 3-80 is suitable for applications up to 80 amps a phase, 3 phase only.

Suitable locations for the MACS 3-80 are houses, sheds, shops, pumps, bores, offices, generators for site locations.

The MACS unit can also be installed just to protect the most valuable product or products that you see most vulnerable to under and over voltages like cold rooms, pumps, workshop machinery just to name a few.

Our colourbond hoods are designed with a 50mm air gap for minimizing the heat inside of the MACS units to keep temperatures below 70 degrees. The hood must be purchased to not void warranty if the MACS unit is in direct sunlight and high to extreme weather conditions unless you make your own. The structure must be at least a minimum 50mm air gap clearance by suitable sun and heat reflective material eg colorbond, but normal corrugated iron for example must not be installed within at least 500mm clearance all around and still allowing air flow.

Due to COVID-19, components of this unit are not in stock Estimated delivery time is approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Please check back soon when stock will be available or call us on 0400 867 800.

Please email us for any enquiries.

Click here for the MACS 3-80 Specification Sheet

Click here for the MACS 3 Phase Schematic Diagram

MACS Monitoring

MACS Monitoring

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