MACS Monitoring
MACS Monitoring

How it Works

The Product

MACS Monitoring is an all-in-one power supply monitoring system, also known by those who have tried the system as ‘the box’, can protect valuable electrical goods when irregular electricity supply occurs. It has been designed, tested and produced to deal with the Australian climate, extreme weather events and power reticulation in regional and remote areas. It is a full solution including measurement method, control and installation package.

There are three versions of the device based on phase level of power required:

  • Model MAC 1-100 – With or without canopy
  • Model MAC 3-50 – With or without canopy
  • Model MAC 3-80 – With or without canopy

MACS Monitoring devices meet the relevant safety standards for use in Australia i.e. AS/NZS3820 (Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment) and AS/NZS 3100

How it works

The normal supply voltage in Australia is 230 V with an allowable range of 216.2 V to 253 V.

Over and under supply of electricity are frequent occurrences in many regional and remote areas, sometimes multiple times a day. Over time, over and under voltage causes electrical products to wear out quicker and die or in other words burn out.

MACS Monitoring is a control device, continuously measuring its supply voltage provided by single or 3 individual phases against neutral. The results are compared to the preset over and under voltage thresholds (205 volts – 255 volts) and reaction time. If the limits have been exceeded, a relay output “Contactor” is activated until the result is back within limits for a preset “Delay to On” time. A secondary potential free relay output “Alarm” is also deactivated for the fault duration. The controls are located on the secondary side of transformer(s) (SELV).

The functionality is similar to “Voltage Monitoring Relays” with the addition of control actions.

Intended use and installation

MACS Monitoring is an open frame printed circuit board (PCB), designed for installation into a well-ventilated switch cabinet manufactured by QCE only. The switch cabinet requires a special key to gain access and shall only be installed and maintained by trained and qualified electricians.

The PCB, is installed on a separately earthed aluminium bracket, preventing access to live solder joints on the underside of the PCB. Protection against accidental contact with live parts from other directions is provided by the selected location / orientation of the QCE Voltage Monitor and by means of covers installed in the switch cabinet.

This switch cabinet ventilation ports are filtered, providing a dust free environment for the purpose of this standard.

It is advisable that the MACS Monitoring unit is installed with a change over switch between the unit and the main switch in the site switchboard, in the unlikely event of a malfunction or maintenance. But if the unit is switched over during a power event, MACS Monitoring will not be accountable for any failed equipment.

The cost

The MACS Monitoring system for a single phase unit without a canopy retails for $2,000 + GST for one unit; or $1,900 plus GST per unit when two or more items are purchased at the same time. This is value for money when one considers the cost of on-farm infrastructure, white goods or spoiled food after an under and over voltage episode. For example:

  • Submersible pumps can cost approx. $1600
  • A new chest freezer can cost between $600 and $1000
  • An upright freezer can cost between $900 and $2500
  • Fridges can cost between $850 and $1500
  • Food spoilage can cost up to and more than $500


MACS Monitoring

MACS Monitoring

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