MACS Monitoring
MACS Monitoring

MACS Monitoring 12 Month Warranty

The following must apply to not void warranty:

  1. The installation must be done by a qualified electrician and warranty is given from date of supply from MACS Monitoring.
  2. The qualified electrician must check to make sure there are no loose connections after transport on any cable terminals, circuit breakers or contactors or any loose moving parts in device before power is connected.
  3. The device if in direct sunlight or afternoon sunlight, must be installed with one of the MACS Monitoring canopies or have a shelter protecting all sides except the bottom of device, by at least a minimum 50mm air gap clearance by suitable sun and heat reflective material eg colorbond . Normal corrugated iron must not be installed within at least 400mm clearance all around.
  4. Settings on PCB inside of the MACS Monitoring unit must not be tampered with altering factory settings as warranty will be voided if Delay Off time is increased, High Voltage tolerance is increased or Low Voltage tolerance is decreased lower and Delay On is set below 1 minute.
  5. If factory settings are found to be tampered with from recorded calibrations, warranty will be voided. As a result, any items of electrical equipment that maybe/are damaged due to tampering, MACS Monitoring are not liable for any claims.
  6. If there are any faults with the monitoring device and your qualified electrician is unavailable, switch your change over switch to normal supply until your qualified electrician can attend site. When your qualified electrician or electrical contractor is able to attend site, first test for faults such as voltage delivery from your power network, visual inspection of PCB and contactor before contacting MACS Monitoring for further support.
  7. Warranty will be voided at any time if MACS Monitoring deems fit to do so if it feels the installation or tampering or mistreatment appears to be the case.
  8. The purpose of the MACS Monitoring device is to try and prevent most of the occurrences of Under and Over voltage supply events that maybe caused to all electrical equipment at the installation site. But we do not concede that this device is a 100% protective device by any means.
MACS Monitoring

MACS Monitoring